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There I was laying on the beach in Mexico living the life when The Lord made it clear to me that He was calling us to India. More details on that story later.  We had no idea how or when, but we knew WHY!  We came home and started Mission Equip


MISSION EQUIP is a registered 501(c)(3)) organization.  Our vision is to help teach and train pastors in India so that they will be more equipped to preach The Word, reach the lost and plant and grow healthy churches.  Our long term goals include starting a Bible College. Until that happens we will be returning to India 2-4 times each year and holding pastors training conferences.  We have put together a pool of pastors from the US who have great teaching abilities that are willing to go with us and teach at these conferences.  

The Lord has graciously allowed us to keep doing our “day jobs” so that we personally do not currently need to raise our support to do this ministry.  However;  we must raise support for the work itself and the funds to help send teams to fulfill the mission.  For example, our pastors conferences last winter cost Mission Equip because we pay for the pastors’ travel, housing and food during the conferences, as well as an offering for each pastor.  Many of these pastors live in remote villages and do not have any money. 


So, there I was brushing my teeth after we returned from Mexico and I realized I could sell products that I currently love and raise the money for the work and to help send our teams to India. 

Mission Equip also currently supports an orphanage that is run by one of our main pastors.  We help provide food, clothing and other monthly essentials.  The orphanage sits adjacent to some property that we are praying about purchasing in order to build a building that would house the Bible College.

So, we are more than grateful for your purchase.  I hope that you can see the purpose behind it.  


A Few Facts about India

Thanks to YOUR purchases and our ministry partners,

the following work has been done and items purchased:


  • 2020 Winter Pastor's Conference (Feb) - Over 40 pastors came for the 2 day conference.  All expenses were paid and  love offering was given to each pastor.

  • Internet and TV purchased for Orphanage.  The children and workers are still so excited that we were able to get internet to the orphanage.  A large TV was purchased that will be used for the children's education and for Pastor Training (we use the main room at the orphanage for Pastors' meetings.

  • 20 chairs bought for a local village church that has many elderly.  Before the chairs, they would have to sit on the floor.  This small congregation is in the middle of a Hindu village and shares the Gospel regularly.

  • A local village church received a fresh-water-well that all villagers can use.  The church uses it as a tool to reach others with the Gospel.

  • Food for local families, during the Covid-19 lockdown.  Our local pastors were able to purchase and distribute food to over 30 families in great need during this crisis.

thank you!

Unreached People Groups in India- 2,445 


1/3+ World’s Unreached People live in India

Missionaries per Million People:

Latin America - 172 Missionaries per 1 Million people

Africa- 90 Missionaries per 1 Million people

India- 7 Missionaries per 1 Million people

Of all Missions support/money given, less than 1% goes toward missions in India

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