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My Role in Missions to India

One of my "jobs" when we arrive in India will be to meet with men and women in the local church and find out what their 'gifts and talents' are to help us determine how we can equip them in creating businesses to allow them to be self sustaining. As westerners we assume (or at least I do) that everyone wants a hand out from us. When in reality, they really need a helping hand. 

One of my favorite verses is, Proverbs 18:16. A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great. Isn't it soo great that one of my gifts is being a small business consultant? And THE LORD is opening up the door for me to get to meet these brothers and sisters in Christ to equip them! 

Please pray for wisdom, supernatural ideas for these men and women to create their own source of income, and for ease and grace to put a strategy in place for these ideas to take flight.

We are have been asked by several folks how they can give towards our trip. Soo many of you have been soo gracious to buy toothpaste, tanner, earrings,etc-which again has been such a fun way to raise money. I have been soo humbled. And we are both soo grateful.

If you feel led to give towards our work, we would be honored for you to partner with us in prayer or financially. See link below to contribute and see what our specific needs are:

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