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An unhealed person will take offense to everything you do. And tell everyone about it. A healed person knows the actions of others have ZERO to do with them. And they seek to protect people’s character or “cover” the sins of the offender.

Proverbs 10:12; Proverbs 17:9

Each day you get to choose which one you want to be. I fall somewhere in the middle. The ONLY one who can heal my heart is Christ. Because I’m not 100% whole in a lot of areas, I have to establish boundaries. Which ends up offending people. It’s a vicious cycle this “offense” game. Ha! I’m not sure if “boundaries” are even biblical so I try to push through most situations but other times I avoid situations or certain people as I don't think a wound truly heals if it continues to be irritated. Again, I'm not sure that this is a biblical way to deal with things but it is what I choose to do for my heart.

I am not perfect. Thankfully, I have amazing girlfriends who The Lord has given a superpower of loving me soo unconditionally all these years. I have a husband who seeks Christ in asking Him how to love me, and who is truly one of the most gracious individuals in looking over offenses. The other day someone was very rude to him and he completely didn't even flinch. So, I had to pick up his offense for him. HA! I asked him why that didn't make him mad and he replied- cause you are going to get mad for me. =-)

Life is short. CHOOSE to cover the offense.

What are some things that you do to try to overlook an offense?

photo: Jorja Jones Photography

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